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Watermark Photos 1.16

WATERMARK PHOTOS is a program to create watermarks on photos...

WATERMARK PHOTOS is a program to create watermarks on photos and images. The watermarks can be images, text or graphical objects. These objects include boxes, circles, arrows, lines, arrows with text, rulers, freehand polylines and angles.

Autocad DXF files can be used as background images. Background images can be resized. Image filters can be used for image watermarks. The filters include contrast, hsv,hsl,rgb, equalization,bumps, waves, morphing, rotation,gamma correction and sharpening images.

Watermarks can be added in batches to image files. Watermarked images can be printed EASY TO USE WIZARD FOR CREATING WATERMARKS The size of watermark objects can be adjusted and repositioned on the screen.

Watermark objects can be moved to the background if needed. You can change pen colors, background colors, brush patterns, transparency, inside background of objects and alter image effects.

Images can be cropped easily. Background Images can be rotated. A background frame can be added as a border or picture frame. Different frame styles can be used.

You can add copyright text for overwriting photos. Dates, photo details and other EXIF information can be added as watermarks. Image file types include.

tif,. jpg, bmp,. pcx,. bmp ,. ico,. cur,. wmf,. emf,. tga, and. pngWatermarks can be added to the catalog to make it easier to reuse the watermarks with other photos in your collection.

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Watermark Photos


Watermark Photos 1.16

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